Alfredo Sauce Recipe   

Alfredo sauce is very simple. Usually prepared with fettuccine, but just as valid with other long-form pasta, the alfredo sauce is hardly recognized in its country of origin as such, although it is pure Italian essence. With very few ingredients, it is a perfect recipe to eat well when the fridge is low.

Alfredo Sauce Recipe  

The history of this dish takes us back to the first decades of the 20th century, to the city of Rome. There, the chef Alfredo di Lelio, working in the family restaurant named after him, devised his own version of a basic Roman preparation based on butter and cheese. He increased the calories on the plate to nourish his wife, then pregnant, and called the creation "triple donkey fettuccine." He liked it so much that he incorporated it into the menu and would replicate it in his own restaurant, years later.

True success is supposed to come when Hollywood actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were ecstatic over the dish, giving the recipe world fame. The dish, already bearing the name of its creator, gained enormous popularity in the United States, where Italian-American cuisine was booming and is still one of the most appreciated in the country today.

Although originally it only contains water, butter and cheese, recipes that add cream, heavy cream or a light roux are common today. But the most genuine elaboration, like the real carbonara, shines precisely for its simplicity. 

Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Alfredo Sauce Recipe, Ingredients: 

- 150 grams of butter
- 150 grams of Parmesan cheese
- Fresh parsley (Optional)

Preparation of Alfredo Sauce Recipe:

We are going to show you below the most traditional recipe for this Alfredo sauce, a sauce of which there are other variants that are prepared by adding to the typical ingredients others such as cream, cream or béchamel to thicken it a little, and also other ingredients to make it more complete, such as onion, chicken or broth. As you will see, it is a very simple sauce to make, so you can prepare it without problems and in a short time.

When preparing it, the ideal is to do it at the same time that the pasta is finished cooking, to be able to take the freshly made dish, so we recommend you put the pasta to cook and just before having it ready to start preparing the sauce itself , so that the preparations finish at the same time and thus be able to serve the pasta and sauce freshly made and without the need to heat them afterwards. Let's go with the recipe.

The first thing we will do is cut the butter into several pieces, and then we grate the Parmesan cheese, in case we do not have it already grated previously, and finally we wash and chop a little fresh parsley if we want to add it, although it is an optional ingredient and that It was not added in the more traditional recipe, although it adds an interesting touch of flavor to the pasta dish. Next we put a good-sized pan to heat over medium heat, where later we can add the pasta.

The amount of sauce that we will prepare will be enough for about four pasta dishes, keep that in mind in case you need to modify the quantities of ingredients. We add the chopped butter and wait for it to melt completely and add the grated Parmesan to the pan. We lower the heat and leave it to low intensity and we are going to stir everything so that the cheese melts and mixes with the butter, until we have a denser and more homogeneous sauce.

If you want it to be more dense you can add a little more Parmesan cheese. Once the sauce is well formed, add the cooked and well drained pasta to the pan and stir well so that it is impregnated with the sauce, and serve hot. If you prefer, you can previously serve the pasta on your plates and pour the sauce on top, as you prefer. And we hope you like this Alfredo sauce and find it useful to accompany your favorite pasta dishes.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 10M
Approximate Calories: 400  

Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken and mushrooms   

The original recipe would be just pasta and Alfredo sauce and it is very rich, it is very easy to make and it is very cheap. But in this recipe with chicken and mushrooms we make some variation that children love, it is delicious.


400g spaghetti
2 chicken breasts
4 large mushrooms
200ml chicken broth
100ml cooking cream
25g butter
Grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and pepper

Preparation of Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken and mushrooms: 

1.- In a frying pan over high heat, we put a drizzle of oil. When hot, add the chicken breasts previously seasoned and cut into bite-size pieces. Let them cook for about 2 minutes for each side. When they are golden brown, remove the breasts from the heat and reserve them on a plate.

2.- Next, in the same pan, lower the heat to low and add the butter. When it is undone, add the cream and cheese. We stir everything until the cheese falls apart and is integrated with the rest of the ingredients.

3.- Meanwhile, in a mixing glass, put the chicken broth and the mushrooms cut into thin slices and crush everything. When the cheese has melted, we add this mixture to the pan and stir so that it again integrates with the rest of the ingredients.

4.- While the sauce of our spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken is finished cooking, in a saucepan with plenty of water, add a pinch of salt and bring it to a boil. When it is boiling, add the spaghetti and let it cook for about 10 minutes while stirring frequently.

5.- When the spaghetti is al dente, reserve a glass of the cooking water. We drain the spaghetti from its water and add them to the pan where we are preparing the Alfredo sauce. Add the chicken and mix well so that the spaghetti soaks up the sauce. Finally, if we see that it is a bit thick, we can correct it with a little of the cooking broth, until they are creamy and just right.

If you are a pasta lover and want to surprise everyone with a different preparation, try these spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken. As you have seen, it is a very simple recipe, with few steps and very quick to make at home. Give it a try! 

Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken and mushrooms

Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce with chicken and mushrooms

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