Mushroom Sauce Recipe  

The mushroom sauce is a perfect sauce to accompany many meat preparations, with which it combines perfectly. With this recipe you can prepare it step by step at home with the best result.

Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Mushrooms are aromatic and low in calories, which is why they are ideal for adding aroma and flavor to all kinds of dishes. You can combine them with rice, vegetables, pasta, fish, meat, eggs or potatoes. They have about 20 calories per 100 grams, small amounts of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and selenium.

Mushrooms have ergothioneine, a natural amino acid with antioxidant power that helps the proper functioning of our body. They also have beta-glucans molecules present in many mushrooms that have a beneficial action to stimulate the immune system. 

Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Mushroom Sauce Ingredients:

- 250 grams of fresh mushrooms
- 100 grams of onion
- 50 grams of butter
- 25 grams of flour
- 25 grams of fried tomato
- One garlic clove
- 200 ml of whole milk
- 50 ml of cream for cooking
- ground black pepper
- Salt

Preparation of Mushroom Sauce:

The mushroom sauce is a very suitable sauce to serve as an accompaniment to all kinds of meat dishes, especially steaks, since it is a sauce that also serves as a garnish by having pieces of mushrooms, which makes the dish much richer and more complete. You can also use this sauce to serve in pasta dishes, with which it combines perfectly, but as we say, the most common is to use it with all kinds of meat fillets. We are going with the recipe so that you can easily prepare it by following our instructions.

To make this sauce, it is best to use fresh mushrooms, which are suitable for their flavor and texture, since the canned ones do not offer the same result, although in an emergency they could serve us, but we already tell you that it is much better if they are They use fresh mushrooms. First of all, we will wash them well under the tap, since they usually have a lot of soil, and then we let them drain before laminating them, in case we have not already bought them rolled and cut them in half. If we use whole mushrooms, we are going to first remove the stems and discard the bottom half, and we chop the other half as well.

Then we peel the onion and chop it into pieces as small as we can, to put them to fry over medium heat in a saucepan or a good size pot, first pouring the butter into it. When the butter is melted, add the chopped onion, with a little salt on top, and let it sauté for a couple of minutes over medium heat before also adding the peeled and chopped garlic clove and the washed and chopped mushrooms. We will stir for a few minutes so that the ingredients do not stick.

After about 5 minutes we add the milk, the flour, the tomato sauce and season a little, and mix well so that a homogeneous sauce is formed with the new ingredients, without leaving lumps of flour. Now we cook over low heat for about 25 minutes, after which time the mushrooms will be tender, then we will add the cream to cook, stir to mix and after another 5 minutes we have this mushroom sauce ready, which we will always serve hot, directly in the dishes to accompany or in a separate container. We hope you like this sauce, which is a great way to cook mushrooms.

Light Mushroom Sauce

These sauces are usually caloric, if you want them to have fewer calories, do not use cream or butter, instead we will use skimmed milk and sunflower oil. It loses some flavor but it is good and it is healthier.

Variant in the preparation of the Mushroom Sauce: 

Although the best thing to do when making this mushroom sauce is to use fresh mushrooms, because they offer a better flavor and retain all their nutritional properties, if we don't have them or can't find them, they can be substituted for some canned mushrooms, which we can find canned. both whole and rolled. Apart from the difference in flavor, which is the most noticeable change when changing one type for the other, we must bear in mind that the canned mushrooms are already clean and ready to cook, and they are already cooked previously, so its cooking time is different from that of fresh mushrooms.

If we are going to use canned mushrooms to prepare this recipe for mushroom sauce, we will do it in the same way that we have indicated above, we will only change the previous cleaning of them, which we will avoid when they come already clean, and we would only have to drain them good. And when it comes to cooking them, they will need a little less time to sauté, since being previously cooked they will be rather tender, so they will be ready in less time. For the rest, we can make the recipe in the same way that we have previously detailed, and although the flavor is not so intense, the result will still be great.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 30M
Approximate Calories: 80

Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Mushroom Sauce Recipe

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