Chandetroi Sauce Recipe    

Surely this is one of the lesser known recipes of all those that we propose on the web, but it is an interesting sauce. This chandetroi sauce has a fairly intense flavor and is used mainly to flavor salads and chicken recipes. 

Chandetroi Sauce Recipe    

Chandetroi sauce, a sauce of French origin, is a sauce with an intense flavor that is used to dress any type of salad or recipes with chicken meat, especially roast chicken. We teach you how to prepare it step by step. 

This sauce combines perfectly with roasted or baked chicken, but other sauces too, at the end of the page I put the ones that we like the most with roast chicken. 

Chandetroi Sauce Recipe

Chandetroi Sauce Recipe

Chandetroi Sauce Recipe, Ingredients: 

- 125 ml of water
- 75 ml of pear juice
- 75 ml of banana juice
- 15 grams of paprika
- 3-4 cloves of garlic
- 7-8 chillies
- A bay leaf
- A splash of Porto (Optional)

Preparation of Chandetroi Sauce Recipe:

This Chandetroi sauce that we detail now is originally from French cuisine, where it is very famous and is used quite regularly, although it is not a well-known sauce in general. However, it is very interesting when using it to flavor a roast chicken or a good salad, thanks to its characteristic flavor. We detail below how to prepare it step by step, so that you are encouraged to make it at home and try it, you will surely be surprised by its somewhat sweet and spicy flavor at the same time, which will provide a good contrast to the dish in which you serve it. We are going with the recipe step by step, keep reading and go ahead and prepare it with these instructions.

We will begin to prepare this Chandetroi sauce by peeling the garlic, which we are going to cut into two or three parts each, so that there are medium pieces. Once this is done, we will put them later in the blender glass or in a container that is suitable for beating later with it. Next we are going to chop the chillies a little and add them together with the garlic cloves, also adding the paprika, either sweet or spicy, depending on how we want to give the sauce a more or less spicy touch. With all these ingredients in the blender glass we are going to add a little water and begin to beat with it to mix everything.

Once we have everything well beaten, with the pieces of garlic and chillies well crushed, we add the rest of the water that we had not used, the banana juice and the pear juice, and again we beat again for the best possible time so that it is Mix all the ingredients well and form a sauce with a very homogeneous appearance, although keep in mind that it is a sauce that is rather liquid. We can add a splash of Port wine, optionally to give it an extra touch of flavor, and at the end we pour the resulting sauce into a container.

We place one or two bay leaves in the container where we have poured the sauce that we have made, so that it gives a very interesting touch of flavor to it, we close the container and let it rest for at least 45 or 60 minutes, time in the that the flavors of all the ingredients used will be well mixed. After this type we can now serve this rich and surprising Chandetroi sauce, which you can serve together with a good grilled or roasted chicken or to dress almost any type of salad, you will see how it will provide a very interesting touch of flavor and surprise your guests.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 60M
Approximate Calories: 80  

Easy roasted or baked chicken      

 One of those dishes that we could say are part of the world gastronomic culture. Since in almost all societies there is a recipe for roast chicken. Whether with some sauces or others, with or without skin, with various herbs, spices, vegetables, citrus fruits, liqueurs or not ... this baked chicken recipe is within global gastronomy as one of its dishes par excellence. 

Easy roasted or baked chicken 

Basically it is about cooking the chicken in its own juices and fat, accompanied or seasoned with aromatic herbs and/or vegetables. The ideal way to cook them is on rotisseries.

You know, those in which the chicken is crossed by an iron that makes it turn, thus allowing its juices and fat to spread throughout the piece. But at home the most common is that we use the oven to roast it, leaving the chicken on a tray and subjecting it to the heat source for a certain time.

Despite the simplicity of this recipe, there are multiple variants and this version is basic and very easy, but it guarantees a juicy, very tasty meat with an extra crunchy skin.

If you have leftovers, you can make delicious chicken croquettes, the ones we have with the remains of this roast chicken, a chicken mince soup or a filling for an incredible chicken lasagna. The result with the whole chicken is exceptional, if it happens to you like me, it will be difficult for you to stop enjoying this recipe, I assure you that it is yummy. 


1 free-range chicken (about 1,600 g. Approximately)
1 lemon
60 ml. extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon dried thyme
3 garlic cloves
Salt and freshly ground black pepper (to taste of each house)
4 medium potatoes (one per person)
Optional (to accompany) a salad of good tomatoes with a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, oregano, salt flakes and a little vinegar. 

Preparation of Easy roasted or baked chicken: 

1.-The first thing we do is clean the chicken of possible remains of fat and entrails that it may have. We will take special care to remove the feathers that may have been left.  

2.- We pass it a water to clean it well and we dry it with kitchen paper. It is important that it remains dry so that in the baking process the chicken does not start cooking, what we want is for it to be well baked.

3.- In a mortar we crush the black pepper and the salt. With this mixture we spread the chicken well all over, both inside and outside. We cut the lemon in half and squeeze a little of its juice on top and inside the chicken. We reserve the rest of the lemon.

4.- In a glass we mix the oil with the thyme. With the help of a kitchen brush we paint the chicken with the mixture inside and out. We reserve the leftover extra virgin olive oil.

5.- We place the chicken on the baking tray and put the lemon halves inside. We also add the peeled and crushed garlic cloves inside the chicken.

6.- We peel the potatoes, cut them into slices and distribute them on the tray. We water both the chicken and the potatoes with the oil with leftover thyme. 

Baking and final presentation of roast chicken

1.- With the oven previously hot to 190º C we bake for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The best thing is that you do it in the middle tray with up-down temperature and air.

2.- Be careful because each oven is different and yours may need to vary the temperature. It is best to cover the chicken with aluminum foil halfway through cooking, that is, when the chicken takes approximately 30 minutes. The last 15 minutes we remove it to toast the skin and make it super crispy.

3.- Before serving the chicken we let it rest outside the oven covered again with the aluminum foil with which we have covered it in the oven.

4.- We carve the chicken with a good knife. Very simple, in six pieces. First, the two hindquarters (thigh and thigh) until reaching the union of this piece with the carcass. Then the two wings. And finally the breasts.

5.- For this operation, the sternum is sought and the knife is slid, scraping all the meat and detaching it from the ribs. First one and then the other. And with what's left, there will always be enough meat in the carcass for some good chicken nuggets.

6.- We serve it accompanied by the roasted potatoes and a little salad. I love it with raw tomato, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of salt and oregano.

Perfect for a Sunday lunch, and remember that it is the oven who is going to work, not you.

I can assure you that you will have a very honeyed meat with a super crunchy crust. A tender and juicy baked chicken like the one my grandmother made in town. You will not regret it! 

Easy roasted or baked chicken

Easy roasted or baked chicken

Tips for the perfect rotisserie chicken 

A simple recipe right? Those of you who have already prepared it have told me that all the tips are of great help for a great result.

And it is not only to put it in the oven and wait as most do. To get a good roast chicken, with a crunchy crust and juicy breasts, you just have to keep a few tricks in mind and you will have a really perfect roast.

Do you like the flavor in your recipes? The dressing is important. Salt, thyme, the flavor of garlic and black pepper is enough to make the chicken just right. It is important to also season the interior, because that dressing will go directly to the meat, especially the breast. A perfect solution is to spread it with a little extra virgin olive oil, mix it with water and spices that you like the most and spread it everywhere (inside and outside). And finally, let it rest for a few hours before entering the oven.

What chicken should we use? I recommend a free-range chicken. At home we usually buy free range chicken, like those at home,

A lemon inside? The old grandmother trick does work. I also advise you to place an onion cut into 2 halves, not only does it add flavor and moisture, it will also be delicious later as a side dish. 

The best sauces to accompany roast chicken

Roast chicken (cooked in the oven) is a rich choice for your table both on a daily basis and on more special occasions. Rich in protein and a source of phosphorus and potassium, chicken meat is also a safe bet to please all kinds of guests, including the little ones.

1.Almond sauce

The almond sauce is great to accompany chicken meat, as well as being a "lifelong" flavor, which tends to please all palates.

The preparation of this accompaniment is very simple: brown about 75 grams of raw almonds over low heat so that they do not burn and put them in the blender along with a chopped onion, a little bread, a little red pepper and salt. Grind these ingredients and when the sauce acquires the desired density, it is ready to serve with your roast chicken.

2.tomato sauce

The easiest of sauces and perfect for dipping bread: tomato sauce. On this occasion we suggest that you add a little red pepper and onion.

To prepare it, you must start by sautéing the onion and, when it becomes transparent, the red pepper cut into strips with a pinch of salt. Once these foods are poached, it is time to add a can of homemade tomato, chopped or crushed natural, you choose! After mixing it very well, let it simmer for about an hour and the sauce is ready. Delicious combination with baked chicken.

3.Honey mustard sauce

The mustard and honey sauce has the advantage that in addition to being delicious, it is made directly in the oven with the chicken.

To prepare it, put about 80 milliliters of Dijon mustard and the same amount of honey together with a little oil in a bowl. Once mixed, you have to soak the chicken and add a splash of white wine before putting it in the oven. The next step is to enjoy this original flavor. This sauce is also ideal for any chicken or turkey recipe such as turkey breast with garlic.

4.Apple sauce

Although there are many ways to prepare the apple sauce, we offer you a fairly easy one to accompany your roast chicken with a sweetish tone and give it a different touch. To make it you will only need two apples of the variety that you like the most, two tablespoons of lemon juice , 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, a cinnamon stick and 100 milliliters of water to boil the apples. You simply have to boil the water with the juice and sugar and add the apples without skin and without core. Once the apple flesh is soft, turn off the heat, let it rest for a few moments and beat until the desired texture is obtained.

5.boletus sauce

If there is a sauce with charisma, that is the boletus sauce. Surprisingly, it is much easier than it seems and for which we need about 150 grams of boletus, 150 milliliters of broth - for our dish preferably chicken - and 50 milliliters of liquid cream.

You just have to fry the boletus a little, and then add the rest of the ingredients so that they simmer together with the mushroom and a little salt and pepper. To conclude, we pass the mixture through the blender and that's it!

The boletus sauce is precisely what we have chosen for one of the gourmet products in the Christmas range: the juicy free-range chicken stuffed with trumpets, aromatic truffle and roasted in the traditional way. So you know, if these holidays you want to innovate with a product of the highest quality, this free-range chicken is a great option to dress your table on the most special occasion.

6.Chandetroi sauce

This recipe goes very well with roast chicken, you decide which one you like the most to accompany.  

Easy roasted or baked chicken

Easy roasted or baked chicken

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