Mayonnaise sauce recipe       

This homemade mayonnaise sauce has it all: tasty and creamy, you can adjust the level of salt and lemon that you like best, very quick to make, you can keep what you have left in the fridge for a couple of days ... what else can you do? ask? It is undoubtedly a good recipe to check how simple and satisfying it is to prepare your own sauces. 

Mayonnaise sauce recipe 

Mayonnaise is a cold emulsified sauce made mainly from whipped whole eggs and vegetable oil. Of Minorcan origin, it is generally seasoned with salt, lemon juice or vinegar. It is a sauce of Spanish origin and today it is used in a multitude of international dishes as a side dish, generally with vegetables and fish. Its origin has been disputed by scholars since the beginning of the 20th century. Today the consumption of this sauce is mainly of industrial origin and is mainly associated with fast food.

I am going to give you the recipe, let's say typical, it is the one that I usually make but sometimes I make some variation, if you like strong flavors you can try it to make it instead of with sunflower oil, make it with olive oil, it is a much more flavor intense. Another variation that I usually do when I make mayonnaise with sunflower oil is to add a cut garlic, without the center of the garlic, when I beat the mayonnaise, it also has an intense flavor, it would be similar to another sauce known as ali-oli. But these last two are intense, depending on what they are going to accompany I use one or the other, but if you like intense flavors I recommend you try both. 

Mayonnaise sauce recipe

Mayonnaise sauce recipe

Mayonnaise sauce recipe, Ingredients: 

- 200 ml of sunflower oil
- One XL egg
- A couple of tablespoons of lemon juice
- A little bit of salt 

Preparation of Mayonnaise sauce recipe:

Mayonnaise is a sauce that is used in many dishes, as an accompaniment to them or as a base for other sauces that are formed from it. It is a sauce originally from Spanish gastronomy but nowadays it is consumed all over the world, since we can easily find it in any supermarket already prepared and packaged, although its preparation is very simple and it is worth using a homemade mayonnaise in our dishes to flavor it. We go with its detailed preparation, do not lose detail and you will see how easy it is to prepare it in a short time.

The base of the mayonnaise sauce is achieved by emulsifying oil and egg, adding a touch of vinegar or lemon juice to eliminate any bacteria that may be in the mixture, and a little salt.

When making homemade mayonnaise, you have to use an egg that is as fresh as possible, which has been well preserved in the fridge just until it is used in the preparation. The shell of the egg can be a source of bacteria, you have to be very careful that when you break it, the inside of the egg does not come into contact with the shell. In the blender glass that we are going to use to mix, add the egg and sunflower oil, a pinch of coarse salt and the freshly squeezed lemon juice.

With all the ingredients already in the glass of the blender, we put it until it is placed in the bottom of the glass and we begin to beat everything at the lowest speed we can. This is very important, we will do it without moving the mixer until we see that an emulsion of the ingredients is forming, an emulsion that when it begins to take shape we will begin to raise and lower the mixer slightly, so that the mixture emulsifies in its entirety and acquire the correct consistency, but at the beginning you have to leave the mixer still, if the sauce cannot be cut or not assembled.

We try the mayonnaise in case we have to correct the salt point and when we have it to our liking we can use it, although if we do not need it at that time we will keep it in a clean container with a lid, and we take it to the fridge so that it is always kept in a cool environment, especially if it is summer. The one that is left over after its use, we can keep it in the refrigerator for a day or two at most, since the egg does not keep any longer and can cause salmonellosis. And to enjoy this wonderful homemade mayonnaise.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 15M
Approximate Calories: 725
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Asparagus and tuna cake recipe, rich and easy   

An easy, cheap and delicious asparagus cake recipe. A smooth combination of flavors with tuna, tomato and mayonnaise perfect to share with friends or family. It is also perfect for children and spend a very pleasant time with the family, they are memories for a lifetime. 


4 eggs
4 cans of natural tuna, drained
300 gr of white asparagus
2 boiled eggs
4 tablespoons tomato sauce
3 tablespoons of Mayonnaise 

Preparation of Asparagus and tuna cake recipe: 

We put the 4 eggs, the tuna cans, the chopped asparagus and the 2 boiled eggs in a bowl, crush, add fried tomato and 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

We finish crushing (it better not be too crushed) and we put the mixture in a silicone mold greased with butter.

We do it for 12 minutes in the microwave at maximum power (700W ours).

Unmold, let cool, cover with mayonnaise and decorate.

Asparagus and tuna cake recipe

Asparagus and tuna cake recipe

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