Tartar Sauce Recipe normal or light?    

This is the traditional recipe with which to prepare the well-known tartar sauce, one of those sauces of great tradition thanks to its versatility, since it combines perfectly with all kinds of dishes, both meat, fish and vegetables.  You can also make the light version with much less calories.

Tartar Sauce Recipe   

Tartar sauce is a sauce derived from mayonnaise, very popular for being ideal as an accompaniment to fish and seafood, sometimes meats and also regularly with fresh vegetables or salads. This recipe of French cuisine is refreshing and full of flavors provided by the different ingredients that are incorporated and that are chopped into small pieces.

The ingredients that are usually incorporated into the Tartar Sauce are boiled egg yolks, capers, pickles, shallots or onion, parsley, sometimes chives, vinegar or lemon juice, black pepper and salt. The truth is that as often happens with many traditional recipes, many variants are created, both by adding or removing an ingredient (for example, we like to add coriander, some people add garlic, mustard ...), try the original and then with time go by varying the ingredients until you find the one you like the most.

Some documents show that the tartar sauce was initially made by emulsifying the hard-boiled egg yolks with the oil, but over time the recipe has been simplified starting from a traditional mayonnaise and on many occasions also adding the cooked egg yolk. 

Tartar Sauce Recipe

Tartar Sauce Recipe

Tartar Sauce Recipe, Ingredients: 

- 225 grams of mayonnaise
- 25 grams of mustard
- 60 grams of onion
- 30 grams of pickled gherkins
- 30 grams of capers
- 20 grams of fresh parsley
- A boiled egg

Preparation of Tartar Sauce Recipe:

This tartar sauce that we are going to teach you to prepare is a very versatile sauce in terms of its use, since it can be served with fish dishes, vegetables, meats ... and it is also a sauce with a lot of history, since it has been consumed for centuries. The base of it is mayonnaise, so if we are going to use a homemade mayonnaise, we must prepare it before anything else to have it ready and prepare the tartar sauce from it. Another option is to use a mayonnaise bought in the supermarket, which are of good quality and allow us to make a sauce with a better later conservation.

We are also going to need a boiled egg to prepare our sauce, so we recommend having it ready a while before, so that it is cold when adding it with the other ingredients. We will drain both the capers and the pickles that we will use, and we will also take the opportunity to peel the onion and cut the necessary piece for the preparation. And finally, we wash a little fresh parsley well and let it drain afterwards.

Starting from having the mayonnaise ready, either homemade or purchased, we pour the indicated amount into a suitable size container to mix the ingredients that make up the sauce. We add the mustard, of which we recommend using a good Dijon mustard, and mix both ingredients well. Then we are going to put the peeled onion, the gherkins, the capers, the parsley and the peeled boiled egg in a mincer, and we are going to crush them all.

Once we have all these ingredients well chopped, so that there are no large pieces of any of them, we are going to put all the contents of the chopper in the container where we had mixed the mayonnaise and mustard, and again we are going to mix it again all to finish forming our tartar sauce. Once we have the sauce well homogeneous, we taste it in case we need to correct any of the ingredients and we put it in a container to keep it in the fridge until it is time to serve it. If you have used homemade mayonnaise, it is not recommended to consume it beyond two or three days of its preparation.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 30M
Approximate Calories: 225 

Light Tartar Sauce Recipe 

This recipe for making yogurt tartar sauce is a variant of the lighter traditional recipe, as we substitute yogurt for the mayonnaise from the original recipe. It is an ideal way to accompany all kinds of dishes with a tasty sauce with fewer calories. It is true that the original is richer but if you are taking care of the diet with this recipe the calories are greatly reduced, it is made like the original.

Light Tartar Sauce Recipe

Light Tartar Sauce Recipe

Light Tartar Sauce Recipe, Ingredients:

- Two natural yogurts
- 50 grams of onion or chive
- 25 grams of pickled gherkins
- 25 grams of capers
- 10 grams of fresh parsley
- 15 ml of vinegar
- 15 ml of virgin olive oil
- A pinch of salt 

Avocados stuffed with prawns and fruit salad with tartar sauce   

These avocados stuffed with prawns and fruit salad are a perfect appetizer or starter for special occasions, but they also look great on a casual summer table or even as a light dinner accompanied by a lettuce salad. The fruit salad combines different flavors and textures and is dressed with a homemade tartar sauce that is great for it. 

Ingredients (4 pax): 

2 avocados, ideally neither too ripe nor too green and hard. I have considered that as a starter half an avocado per person is fine, but if you want to serve an avocado per person, double the amounts of all the ingredients.
2 sticks of celery.
1 apple of the variety you prefer. Personally, for this type of preparation I prefer a green Granny Smith apple so that it does not add sweetness.
1/2 mango, not overripe.
1/2 red pepper.
8 prawns. You can buy the prawns already cooked
A little dill for the final decoration and a variety of lettuces. 

Preparation of Avocados stuffed with prawns and fruit salad with tartar sauce: 

Wash the celery sticks, cut off the ends and cut into small slices.

Peel the apple, core it and cut it into cubes.

Wash the red pepper, cut it into strips and then into small pieces.

Peel the mango and cut flush with the bone. It has a very wide and quite flattened central bone, so cut along the sides until you reach it. Cut the mango flesh into apple-like pieces.

Cut the avocados in half, remove the pit, and scoop out the entire pulp with a soup spoon. Cut the pulp into cubes like apple and mango. Reserve the shell to fill later.

We are preparing the ingredients for the stuffed avocados

Put the celery, apple, red pepper, mango, and avocados in a bowl and mix together. The mix of colors and quantities must be visually balanced so it is time to add more of whatever ingredients you think you need.

Peel the prawns, removing the head, tail, and shell around the body. If you also see that they have black intestine, you can cut them a little above with a knife to extract it.

Reserve 4 prawns and cut the other 4 into slices. Put the slices in the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Now we are going to prepare the tartar sauce. To do this, drain the capers and pickles in vinegar, if the pickles are very large, cut them a little. Put them in the blender glass along with the piece of onion.
Add the mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, and lemon juice. Blend with the mixer and leave the sauce to your liking: blend it a little if you like to notice the bits of each ingredient, or blend it more if you want it to have a smooth and more homogeneous texture, which is how I like to leave it the most.

We already have the fruit salad and the tartar sauce ready

In the bowl in which the salad ingredients are, add tartar sauce, in the amount you prefer. I like not to add too much so that the colors of each ingredient in the salad continue to be appreciated and it does not take away the prominence of flavor.
Mix everything well and you have the filling ready.
Now you just have to mount the stuffed avocados. Fill each of the empty avocado halves with the overflowing salad mixture and top each with a shrimp. You can also sprinkle a little dill or the herb or spice that you like the most.
Serve them accompanied by lettuce dressed with a little oil and salt or even more tartar sauce, whichever you prefer.  

Avocados stuffed with prawns and fruit salad with tartar sauce

Avocados stuffed with prawns and fruit salad with tartar sauce

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