Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)   

Now we go with a recipe for sauce for meats of the best known that exist, we refer to the sauce with pepper, it can be black, white, green or a mixture of several.

Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)

One of the classic sauces with which noble cuts of meat that are cooked on the grill, or grill are accompanied, is the pepper sauce. Perhaps now it is a forgotten one for some, but the entrecote or the sirloin with pepper sauce is not usually missing in the menus of traditional restaurants, and surely you have all eaten it at some time, although good meat is better eaten without sauces.

We prefer to enjoy this sauce at home, that is why it is one of the basic sauces in our recipe book, because in addition to being delicious, it is very easy to make. Instead of cream you can use evaporated milk because it has less fat, but you can do the same with cooking cream. This same sauce can be made with black pepper or green pepper, remember that it is the same berry but it has been collected at different times and has received different treatment.

In the market we can find different varieties of pepper: black, white and green; these are the best known. Currently we can also find: Mignonette pepper (a mixture of black and white), the long one (Asia), the pink one (South America), or that of Jamaica, with a spicier flavor than the rest (its color varies depending on the state of its maturation). Specifically, green pepper is the still immature fruit, it has a fresh flavor that can remind us of mint, not very spicy and with an intense aroma. You can prepare the pepper sauce with a mixture of assorted peppers.

Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)

Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)

Pepper Sauce Ingredients: 

- 300 ml of cooking cream or evaporated milk
- 200 ml of meat broth
- 50 ml of brandy
- 25 grams of butter
- A tablespoon of black, green, white pepper, a mixture of grains
- Black, green, white or mixed pepper, ground
- Salt
Black Pepper Sauce

Preparation of Pepper Sauce: 

We are going to detail the preparation of a great pepper sauce, a well-known type of sauce that is perfect to serve with all kinds of meat preparations, especially so-called red meats. It is very common to serve it with pork tenderloin, but it can be served alongside other types of meat, as it goes well with most. It is a very tasty sauce that adds a lot of flavor and aroma to our dishes, so it is worth learning how to prepare it. Let's go with the recipe step by step.

Although there are other variants of the pepper sauce, which are prepared in a similar way, but differ in color and final flavor, since one is black pepper sauce, green pepper sauce, depending on whether we use a type of pepper. or other. Black pepper is the most intense in terms of flavor, with a spicy touch, and aroma, and is consumed both in grain and ground in all kinds of recipes, and it is the one that we will use in this case, since it is the one that best combines with the most varied meats.

We begin to prepare the sauce by pouring the chopped butter into a saucepan of the appropriate size and put it to heat over medium heat so that it melts. Once we have the butter completely melted, add a tablespoon of black peppercorns and cook it for about two minutes while stirring it from time to time, over a rather low heat. After this step we pour the brandy and increase the intensity of the fire so that the alcohol evaporates from it, which will take us a couple of minutes or three at most.

If you prefer, you can flambé the alcohol, which is done by setting fire to it and letting it burn, but do it very carefully if you opt for this option. When all the alcohol in the brandy has evaporated, we are going to add the meat broth, which can be made at home or those that are bought already made, and the cooking cream, and we put it over medium heat so that everything is cooked. We stir well to mix and let the sauce acquire consistency.

Once we have the sauce with the texture that we like, we are going to taste it and season it to taste if necessary and we can now serve this great sauce with black pepper with the meat that we have prepared for the occasion, be it a sirloin. pork or beef. It is even a sauce that can be used with other different meats and there are also fish or pasta recipes that use this black pepper sauce as part of the dish, but it is the least common.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 15M
Approximate Calories: 325 

Not just for meats

The pepper sauce can be found accompanying many types of meat, from veal (entrecote is luxurious, although sirloin is the most used cut), to chicken, pheasant, turkey and of course, pork. But it also fits with fish, such as salmon, prawns or sea bass.

What is pepper? 

We know pepper as one of the essential spices in the kitchen, used both for cooking and to finish dishes, grinding the small berries instantly so that they give off all their aroma and flavor. There are a wide variety of plants that produce spices known as pepper, they belong to the genus Piper, but today we focus on the most popular, black pepper (Piper nigrum).

Although saying this may be a mistake, since Piper nigrum also includes other peppers that are commonly used in the kitchen, in addition to black pepper, it is white, green and pink pepper, but be careful, not this pink pepper, the Showy pink berries from many pepper trees or spice mixes are the kernels of a small shrub that do not belong to the genus Piper.

In the book The Kitchen and Food by Harold McGee explains very well what process Piper nigrum berries go through so that we have four peppers in our pantry, four spices that start from the same fruit but offer different nuances, we transcribe it to you following:

Black pepper is the most common, it is made with formed but immature berries, still green and rich in aromatic substances. The berry spikes are harvested whole and the berries are then separated from the spikes. The berries are then blanched for a minute in hot water to clean them and break the cells of the fruit, in order to accelerate the action of the browning enzymes. Finally, they are dried in the sun or by machine for several days, while the outer layer of the fruit darkens.

White Pepper is just the seed of the pepper, without the outer layer of the fruit. It is made with fully ripe berries that are soaked in water for a week so that the layer of the fruit is degraded by bacteria; then they are rubbed to remove this layer and finally they are dried. White pepper is especially appreciated because it adds spiciness but remains invisible in sauces and other light-colored preparations. It became an important commercial product in Indonesia, which remains its main producer.

Green Pepper is made from berries harvested a week or more before they begin to ripen. To preserve them, they are treated with sulfuric dioxide and dehydrated, or canned or bottled in brine, or freeze-dried. The flavor depends on the storage method, but includes a touch of spice and pepper aromas, as well as a fresh note of green leaves.

Pink pepper, or poivre rose, is a rarity made by picking freshly ripe red berries in brine and vinegar.

Well, we already know what pepper (Piper nigrum) is, berries that grow on a flower spike and mature in about six months. As with any other food during its development, its characteristics vary, in the case of pepper, the more they ripen, the more piperine content (spicy component) they contain. The same does not happen with its aroma, it reaches a peak that later decreases, if the berry is very ripe, it can already have half its aroma.  

Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)

Pepper Sauce Recipe (Black or Green)

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