Yogurt Sauce Recipe    

If there is a simple, quick and very tasty sauce recipe, it is the yogurt sauce. A perfect sauce for meat sandwiches or as the well-known classic of Turkish cuisine, the kebab, our beloved chickpea falafel or even perfect as an accompaniment to salads of all kinds.

Yogurt Sauce Recipe 

The yogurt sauce, whose best-known version is tzatziki, is an essential basic in any recipe book, since it is a sauce that can be used to accompany a multitude of dishes.

In the Greek version, it is a sauce that has cucumber and yogurt, and that accompanies both kebab and mezze, a typical appetizer dish.

This yogurt sauce is also perfect to accompany grilled chicken breasts, roast potatoes ... or a hamburger.

The yogurt sauce is a very fresh and light sauce, so much so that it is not tiring ... You can even serve it with toast or pita bread. You can make it with natural yogurt or with skimmed yogurt and if you change the mint for coriander, you will get a totally different sauce, fantastic to accompany some cooked prawns or prawns. 

There are many varieties of yogurt sauce, below you can see the ones that we like the most. 

Yogurt Sauce Recipe

Yogurt Sauce Recipe

Yogurt Sauce, Ingredients: 

- 50 ml of olive oil
- Three natural or skimmed yogurts
- Three cloves of garlic
- Juice of one lemon
- Salt
- ground black pepper
- Parsley (Optional)

Preparation of Yogurt Sauce Recipe:

We are going to prepare a rich yogurt sauce that you can use to accompany all kinds of salads or recipes with chicken fillets for example, in addition to being able to serve it together with other international dishes such as kebab or falafel, even fajitas, to the their bittersweet touch is good for them. There are several types of recipes for yogurt sauce, but this one that we bring you below is the most basic and the one that is usually prepared normally, since there are others with additional ingredients that arise from which we are going to detail you step by step How to prepare.

The preparation will be done using the blender, so we will start by pouring the ingredients that we are going to use into the glass of the same. We add the natural yogurts, which can be sugary if you want the sauce not to be so acidic at the end, and you can even use Greek yogurts if you want to obtain a denser texture when you finish preparing the sauce. With time and practice you will make the sauce more to your liking by adjusting the necessary ingredients.

Then add the peeled garlic cloves, the juice of a not very large lemon, the olive oil and season to taste. Once we have all the ingredients in the blender glass, we begin to beat everything until it is well mixed and crushed, with a homogeneous and rather dense texture. The best thing is to taste the sauce once we have everything beaten and correct it if it needs the point of flavor to leave it to our liking. If you want you can add a little chopped fresh parsley, to give it an extra touch of flavor.

If you need to make it more liquid you can add a little more lemon juice or oil, on the contrary if you need to make it more dense, you will have to add more yogurt, and beat again until you leave it as you like. When we have the yogurt sauce ready, we will put it in a closed container and leave it in the refrigerator to cool completely, until it is time to serve it, and the one that you can keep in the refrigerator for days without going bad, since it has a good conservation.

This would be the basic preparation, then there are a lot of variations, below you can see the ones that we like the most.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 10M
Approximate Calories: 245  

Yogurt sauce, a large number of variations to be able to use in many recipes.

Yogurt sauce with fine herbs, Yogurt sauce with Provencal herbs, Tzatziki, Yogurt sauce with honey, Yogurt sauce with mustard, Yogurt sauce with tomato and basil, Yogurt sauce with goat cheese, Tartar sauce with yogurt...

Yogurt sauce 

The classic yogurt sauce is made with natural yogurt, 1 clove of garlic, virgin olive oil, the juice of half a lemon, salt, pepper and a few fresh mint leaves. Put all the ingredients in a bowl except the fresh mint (the garlic very well minced) and mix well until they form a homogeneous sauce. Finally, the very well chopped mint leaves are integrated. 

Yogurt sauce with fine herbs 

Also with plain yogurt, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, a teaspoon of dill, one of oregano, one of garlic powder, chopped parsley, thyme, rosemary and salt. Put the spices in a bowl, add the mayonnaise and yogurt, and that's it! 

Yogurt sauce with Provencal herbs

To make this sauce, 2 sugary yogurts, 2 tablespoons of aioli, the juice of half a lemon and Provencal herbs (thyme, marjoram, rosemary, basil, fennel, tarragon and bay leaf) are used. The yogurt is mixed with the aioli, the herbs are incorporated (if they are fresh and chopped it will be ideal) and, finally, the lemon juice. 


This is the original yogurt sauce, the one in the Greek style.
3 Natural Greek yogurts, cucumber, peeled, seeded and grated, minced garlic, Salt, 1 tablespoon minced fresh parsley, 1 tablespoon minced fresh mint, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1 pinch Pepper.
How do you prepare? Place the Ingredients in a bowl, mix well until they look like a smooth sauce, chill for 2 hours before serving. 

Yogurt sauce with honey 

It is prepared with 2 yogurts, 4 tablespoons of orange blossom honey, a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of cumin and salt. All the ingredients are mixed in a bowl until obtaining a fine sauce without lumps. 

Yogurt sauce with mustard 

This sauce is made with natural yogurt, ½ tablespoon of mustard, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley. We mixed all the ingredients well. It can be served both hot and cold. 

Yogurt sauce with tomato and basil 

A yogurt, a bunch of fresh basil, grated tomato (approximately 3 units), virgin olive oil, salt and a pinch of black pepper are used. The basil is finely chopped and mixed with the oil until it forms a paste. In a bowl, mix the yogurt with the grated tomato and add the basil paste to form the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. It's delicious! 

Yogurt sauce with goat cheese 

For this version a natural yogurt is used, 100g of goat cheese, 250g of mascarpone cheese, black pepper and a pinch of salt (optionally we can add 1 tablespoon of honey and basil or mint, chopped). With the blender, mix the cheeses and yogurt with the pepper and a pinch of salt. Later, if you prefer, we will add the optional ingredients. 

Tartar sauce with yogurt  

This is a version of tartar sauce that we can make with yogurt. Skimmed yogurt, 10 capers, 5 pickles, ¼ spring onion, a dessert spoon of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper are used. Finely chop the onion, capers and pickles. The mustard is added and stirred. Add the yogurt, previously stirred, and season with salt and pepper to taste. 

Other variations of the yogurt sauce:

Carrot Tzatziki: A version of the traditional tzatziki or cucumber yogurt sauce, carrots are also refreshing and with a sweet touch.

Spicy yogurt sauce: By adding a spicy seasoning such as sambal oelek to the yogurt, and flavoring with spices and aromatic herbs such as fresh coriander, we have a light and tasty sauce to accompany koftas or other meat recipes.

Tzatziki to spread: If we make the drained yogurt or labneh, we obtain a denser yogurt or tzatziki sauce that is just as refreshing and rich.

Goat cheese sauce: In this recipe we have used whipped fresh cheese, but it is equally tasty if we use yogurt. It also incorporates a little honey, Perrins sauce and cognac. We like to serve it with salads, you have to try it.

Greek yogurt and basil sauce: This is a sauce enriched with almonds and breadcrumbs, like a ajoblanco, flavored with basil and garlic, like a pesto. The result is a creamy sauce ideal to eat with papadums or to dip raw vegetables, to dress a grilled fish and much more.

Creamy soy and sesame sauce: With quark cheese, fresh cheese or yogurt and a little soy sauce, lime and sugar, you have a delicious sauce to dip some crispy tofu sticks, some chicken nuggets, some hake fingers battered and you will even enrich some grilled vegetables.

Yogurt, coriander and chilli sauce: A fresh and light sauce to accompany meats and fish, to spread on toast or dip with breadsticks, to dress a vegetable sandwich or make a homemade kebab. 

Yogurt Sauce Recipe

Yogurt Sauce Recipe

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