Gloucester Sauce Recipe   

This recipe will allow you to learn how to prepare the well-known Gloucester sauce, a sauce from English cuisine that is often used to accompany meat dishes, especially cold dishes. It is a simple recipe to make at home and that you can use to learn how to prepare.

Gloucester Sauce Recipe (Worcestershire)

This is not a very well-known sauce, and we find it interesting to have it in the sauce recipe book because it is tasty, creamy and goes very well with many dishes, although Gloucester Sauce seems to have as its main use the dressing of cold meats, we personally found it many other elaborations to enrich.

Gloucester sauce is a traditional sauce in England whose base is mayonnaise and also has the appreciated Worcestershire sauce, also known as Worcestershire sauce or by the brand itself, Lea & Perrins. Remember that this is a fermented liquid sauce that has no imitation, and is a very versatile flavor enhancer for all kinds of stews or roasts, for sauces and even used in cocktails.

Mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce are the main ingredients in this dressing, complemented by sour cream, lemon juice, and fresh dill. It is a cold sauce, which is why its use is common in dishes that are also eaten cold, and as we said, not only meats, with fish, seafood or salads, it also combines very well.  

Gloucester Sauce Recipe

Gloucester Sauce Recipe

Gloucester Sauce Ingredients:

- 200 grams of mayonnaise
- 40 grams of sour cream
- A tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
- A few drops of lemon juice
- Fresh dill
- Salt

Gloucester Sauce Preparation(Worcestershire):

To prepare this Gloucester sauce we are going to use mayonnaise as its base, which we can make homemade or use one bought in the supermarket, depending on the time we have to prepare it or depending on how we like one or the other. Use the one you prefer or the one that best suits you at that moment. What you must take into account is the conservation period of the sauce once made, which is much shorter if you use a homemade mayonnaise, which will last two or three days in the fridge due to the expiration of the egg and its little conservation time, and it is better not to risk taking it after that period of days.

And we started to prepare our sauce, for which we put the indicated amount of mayonnaise in a container, and then we added the sour cream, a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, also known as "Perrins sauce" or "Worcestershire sauce", and is a sauce used to reinforce the flavor of many dishes and some sauces to accompany other dishes. It is easy to find it today in any supermarket packaged in the typical bottle-shaped containers, which also can be preserved for a long time once opened, so we can use it for other preparations in which it is used.

To finish with this recipe we are going to add a little fresh dill, the amount to taste of each one, depending on how you want the resulting mixture to have more or less flavor. Once we have all the ingredients in the container, we are going to mix them all as best as possible to obtain a homogeneous mixture and with all of them well integrated. With a spoon or a few rods it is easily achieved, but if you prefer you can use a mixer with rods to mix everything better and faster, although manually it will not take much effort to get a homogeneous mixture.

Once we have the sauce ready, we test it to correct the salt point and if necessary we add a little more, and then we stir again to integrate it well. Once we finish this step, we pour the resulting sauce into a container to serve it if it is used at that time, or we store it in the fridge to keep it cold until we are going to serve it on the table, especially if we have used homemade mayonnaise. in its preparation, since in that case you should never lose too much cold. And we already have our Gloucester sauce ready, which we hope you like and will prepare it again on other occasions that you need it.

Servings / Units: 1
Approximate Preparation Time: 15M
Approximate Calories: 660

Gloucester Sauce Recipe

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